“Good Morning Blaine – OMG Did we ever get our ribbons!!! I got home late last night and they were here waiting. ALL OF THEM are BEAUTIFUL!!! Especially the silver glitter ones! Thank you again so much! I can’t wait to share them with everyone as soon as I get everything put together to post

Julie E.North Carolina

“We made ribbon flowers at Buena Vista Farm summer camp! We only use the best ribbons!”

Sabrina TaylorBuena Vista Farm

“Thank you do doing an amazing job on our ribbons. LOVE them!”

Meredith MitchellNorth Carolina

“The ribbons for our new horse shows looks fantastic! Thank you! You guys do such a nice job!!”

JennNorth Carolina

“Blaine and Michele McLaughlin, I have to say the McLaughlin Ribbons and Awards are pretty awesome!”

Kellie CochranNorth Carolina

“Wonderful people and product, highly recommend!”

Kim O’ConnorCoastal Carolina Gaited Horse Show

“I LOVE my ribbons! I am sadly running out of room on this curtain rod and I have to invest in a new one! Thank you so much for the beautiful ribbons y’all make!”

Kristi WelkeNorth Carolina

“The kids LOVED the ribbons we ordered for our show today! Thank you so much!”

Amy WalbourneMillersville, Pennsylvania

“The ribbons just arrived and they are gorgeous! Thank you for awesome ribbons & excellent customer service!”

Susanna Buck RegisterConway, SC

“Want to say “thank you”. Another horse show has passed and again received great compliments on the quality of our ribbons!!”

Beth ZambonePee Dee Show Circuit